Wellness Advisor


What is a Wellness Advisor ?

Wellness Advisor is a beauty advisor of HITECH WELLNESS who is authorized to sell the various Products, Brands and Services, either owned or Exclusively Marketed by the company in India.

Who can become a Wellness Advisor ?

Any individual over 18 yrs of age or an organisation / establishment.
It could be anyone from the following list,
  • Student
  • Working Class
  • Professional – Doctor / Engineer / CA / Advocate / etc
  • Retired
  • House Wife
  • Any Shop
  • Any Club – Health / Social / Recreation / Sports / etc.
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • And many more

What are the eligibility critera for becoming a Wellness Advisor ?

  • A basic business acumen
  • Socially Active
  • Want to do something extra with a present activity for better living
  • Ready to learn new and un-conventional tips
  • Can do some investment
  • Has self contact address & phone number
  • Located at the best of the location
  • Own establishment with good footfall of the target customers

Why Wellness Advisor, a new business module ?

  • To provide rewarding business opportunity to all the interested and deserving individuals and help them grow as an entrepreneurs
  • To establish a micro level sales network for the variety of Products / Brands & Services provided by the company
  • To achieve the deepest penetration in the market place and hence achieve the widest market reach
  • Not to depend only on the Conventional Sales & Mktg channels and to introduce innovative un-conventional selling methods to be referred as unique examples
  • Finally to achieve good sales figures and intern hand-in-hand growth of the Wellness Advisor as well as the organisation.

What should be a Wellness Advisor's Working Style ?

Just TWO words…

Who all are Wellness Advisor's Customers ?

For Individuals
For Establishments


Present Customers / Clients


Associates & Vendors


Staff / Employees


Another establishments


Parent Companies / Brands

Known Shops

And all the ones from the individuals list
Known Clubs



Eventually every known person


What is Today's ready opportunity for Wellness Advisor ?

  • Direct Sale of Organic Aloe Vera based Health & Beauty Products Manufactured by American Global Health Group,USA
  • milife professional and retail product range will be made available to Wellness Advisors very soon.

What is Company Support for Wellness Advisor ?

  • Brand Building
  • Product Availability
  • Promotional Material – Banners/Leaflets/Paper Inserts/MM CDs/etc
  • Ads & Promotions
  • Sales Training / Product Knowledge
  • Schemes & Offers
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Incentives with Targets
  • Exhibitions / Trade Shows support
  • Customer Care Cell as a Back End support

How to find / make Wellness Advisors ?

  • Personal contacts, Relatives, Friends, etc of Hitech Wellness Staff / Channel Partners
  • News Paper Ads
  • Exhibitions / Trade Shows
  • Other Events
  • Mouth to Mouth publicity
  • Banners and awareness at all the HITECH WELLNESS Retail Outlets

What are Wellness Advisor – Legalities ?

  • Wellness Advisor is valid only upon signing the MOU
  • Taxation : Till the total sale of Rs.5 Lacs in one year, the Wellness Advisor is URD – No Sales / VAT tax liability
  • Shop Act : To be obtained by all Wellness Advisors
  • Wellness Advisor is not authorized to buy from / sell to the traditional channel. i.e. Pharma / FMCG / Modern Trade, etc.

What are Products Offerings for Wellness Advisor ?

  • AloeCure, A Pure Aloe Juice
  • AloePure, Pure Aloe Chunks
  • AloeDerma – A range of Aloe Vera based Skin Care / Beauty Products
  • Many more products to be introduced in the near future with own brand of,
    milife logo

What does a Wellness Advisor earn ?

wellness advisor 1
wellness advisors 2
wellness advisors 3

What are other benefits for a Wellness Advisor ?

Wellness Advisor is always a special individual for Hitech Wellness which entitles him / her for many privilege benefits like…
  • Welcome Kit on joining as Wellness Advisor with a FREE SPA Treatment coupon.
  • Special schemes and offers with free samples for new products.
  • Information sharing about new product launches, etc.
  • Special discounts at all the milife SPAs for any SPA treatments.
  • Referencing incentives on referring SPA treatments at milife SPAs.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly special awards on target achievements.
  • Special recognition at company events, on company website, etc.
  • Log-in facility on company's website with login ID & password.
  • Special product & sales training to ensure sales growth & intern your income.
  • And many more to come ……

So, get ready for an exclusive earning opportunity by HITECH WELLNESS !!!

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