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milife word stands for 'Mi' meaning 'Beautiful' in Japanese and 'Life' is easy to understand.

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So in short milife stands for 'Beautiful life'.

milife in common language can also be understood as 'My Life'.

Everyone today is very keen on improving our own's personal life, making it more healthy and beautiful.

milife reflects exactly the same notion…'Milife' has/presents all the solutions required to make one's life healthy, fit and beautiful.

milife is a unique Wellness, Fitness and Beauty model created to enhance the life of everyone around us.

milife is a Holistic concept trying to improve the life of everyone around and trying to make it more healthy and beautiful.

When one says the word 'Beauty' , once can associate it with simply looking good externally from an aesthetic sense and cosmetic sense. But the real beauty lies within and hence 'Milife' has been created to bring the real essence of 'Holistic /complete/total Beauty' to one's life.

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  • Body SPA
  • Foot SPA
  • Nail SPA
  • Hair SPA / Salon
  • Health Cafe
  • Retail Store

SPA and Store Model: Uniqueness

milife will be seen in the Indian market in 3 different models,

  • a 800sq.ft model, which will be its smallest model
  • a 1200 sq.feet model which will be its medium range model and
  • it will have its premium model which will be a minimum of 1500sq.feet.
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Though the sizes may vary the array of services and the basic concept of Service with Store will remain constant through all stores.

  • Many players offering SPA services, but none is offering SPA services with a complete basket of products available for retail/ home care
  • No retail player offering SPA services with a complete basket of Lifestyle products, Health Food, etc.
  • This becomes more unique due to the fact that all these products are under private label of milife, a speciality and exclusive Wellness brand with Natural offerings
  • The hybrid module complements each other and brings in best of the business returns for the operator

milife Spa and Store - USPs

  • All our SPA services are specially designed keeping in view the quick and comprehensive solutions required by the userss in short available time spans
  • All the SPA Retail & Service products are designed with a lot of R&D and market testing with Natural and Herbal / Plant extracts only. This is very soothing as far as the experience is concerned and has absolutely no side-effects
  • Our SPA therapist are specially trained in our associate training academy which ensures very technically sound and scientific methodologies for all the services offered. This way, all our services are going to be very effective and relaxing in true sense at very much affordable costs
  • milife's unique loyalty programs will enable travellers to enjoy many benefits, schemes & offers and special privileges at any of the milife SPA/Stores, worldwide...

Proposed Services

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milife will focus through its outlets in giving practical and immediate solutions for making the life healthy and beautiful from within.

milife will not only physical services like Massages, Body scrubs, Body wraps, Facials, manicures. Pedicures to make you look beautiful, young but also with help of its therapeutic body work techniques will improve the physiology of various systems in your body improving your overall health. milife will also use various techniques like energy healing to balance the 'Prana' or 'Chi' within your body there by improving the overall health.

milife has a unique concept of 'Homecare' along with the services being provided in its outlets.

This concept is being introduced for the first time in the Indian Spa and Wellness Industry, where the guest trying any service in our outlet can actually take home some 'Homecare' product to enhance and prolong the positive benefits of the treatments taken in our outlets at the hands of professionally trained therapists.

  • Foot Massages
  • Back Neck & Shoulder Massages
  • Head Massages
  • Facials
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
These services will be supported by a complete basket of Home Skin Care & Lifestyle Retail Products