Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

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Why Aloe Derma Super Hydration Booster have different color?

Since the harvesting time of aloe leaves is different, the color will be a little different. But it won't effect the function.

What is the difference between skin toner and Super Hydration Booster?

Super Hydration Booster can be used previous to skin toner, for surface of skin, it effects in regulating and moisturizing skin. For skin toner, it penetrates deeply into skin, moisturizes skin and keep water balanced.

What's the difference between Super Hydration Booster and Aloe Vera Juice?Can someone drink Super Hydration Booster ?

The formula for Super Hydration Booster and Aloe Vera Juice is different, one is for skin and other is for body health. So Super Hydration Booster cannot be consumed as a drink. However it won't have side effect if you take it by mistake.

What is the difference between Aloe Gel and Super Hydration Booster ?

Aloe Gel is Jelly and effects in wounds curing and skin repairing. Super Hydration Booster is liquid and effects in regulating and moisturizing skin.

Some liquid skin care products will divide into different products for eyes and face, why Aloe Derma products do not divide?

It is correct to divide the liquid skin care products, because the absorption of faced skin and eyes skin is different. But our aloe juice is natural juice and uses SATT technology to make the skin around eye can also absorb the same.

Why there is some precipitation in the Super Hydration Booster?

Because aloe juice contains aloe Polysaccharides which is heavier and will sink at the bottom of the bottle, but it won't have side effect.

Pure Aloe Gel does not smells very good, does it contain alcohol component ?

Pure Aloe Gel does not contain alcohol because Aloe Gel is with disinfection function. As for the bad smell, it should be from the colloid conglomeration, it will disappear when you apply on your skin

What is the difference of Perfect Aloe Gel and Aloe Derma Aloe Gel ?

Perfect Aloe Gel is made of freeze dried powder, but Aloe Derma Aloe Gel is made of fresh aloe juice / extract.

Cleanser is without foam, it seems that it can not clean the face properly ?

Aloe Derma cleanser contains Gleditsia and aloe polysaccharides, which is gentle and non-irritating, takes off dirt in the pores, at the same time to build protective layer to skin, keeps skin moisturizing. Foam necessarily does not clean and clear the skin, it can happen without foam too.